Client Testimonials

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"Marcia Dixon is a precious and dynamic woman of God with a keen sensitivity to the Spirit of God.  She loves people and sincerely desires the absoulte best for their lives.  Knowing her all my life, I can certainly say that I have marveled at her growth in character, in spirit and in life...truly exemplfying what it is to be an Overcomer!  Her sweetness and meekness are her secret weapons to empowering and guiding people into total life transformation.  Partnering with Marcia Dixon and One Life International will prove that you are ready for real change and celebrated victory in your life!!"

 Al Duff Jr.

Kingdom Innovator/Builder


Marcia Dixon is a very dear friend and confidant of mine.  She has guided me for the last 3 years into a serious focus on health and wellness.  This direction lead me to use a product called Max GXL, recommended by Marcia.  I have been using this product for the last 3 years, and it has changed my life!  Marcia Dixon has been an inspiration to me spiritually, physically and mentallly.  I say mentally because my mindset has changed in a positive direction and I have learned so much about the business world.  Marcia Dixon, founder and leader of One Life Intenational, has truly changed my life!  I love you Marcia!

Deborah Gibson